陌上花開-花落仙境 浪漫修仙 (mod) - unlimited money for android
陌上花開-花落仙境 浪漫修仙 (mod)

陌上花開-花落仙境 浪漫修仙 (mod)

Game Information of 陌上花開-花落仙境 浪漫修仙

App Name 陌上花開-花落仙境 浪漫修仙
Package Name com.excellentplay.ms
Rating ( 27 )
Installs 5,000+

陌上花開-花落仙境 浪漫修仙 free Unlimited money for android

陌上花開-花落仙境 浪漫修仙 Download free Modded game with unlimited coins/gems for android

Download id: com.excellentplay.ms


【不期而遇:天雲絢麗 便勝卻人間無數】

【怦然心動:天賜良機 此生無悔與君逢】

【錦衣華服:窈窕淑女 明妝麗服奪春暉】

【雅緻人生:欣然自得 人生自古何其樂】

【仙盟修道:相交契盟 不負春光不負君】

The first mobile game on the theme of fairy love story dress-up. This time, let me cut through the void and come for you.
I heard that I met you at the best moment of life, the moment of need.
Here, you can get acquainted with the strange creatures of all races, the audience can behave differently, look for the secrets of the world, you can also meet all kinds of fairy friends, sit in the garden, have a drink and have a romantic relationship, you can also create a beautiful life with the male protagonist of the Three Realms, and the creation belongs to you的仙缘.

[Unexpected encounter: the sky is gorgeous, it wins but the world is countless]
When you come like a god to help me out, that’s the beginning of our fate!
Every world is foreshadowing, sentient beings in the Three Realms with seven emotions and six desires, elves and lovely rare and exotic animals, exquisite and gorgeous neon clothes, and countless strange flowers and plants. There are various forms of life, because of the encounter, there has been a little more fetters since then. He Xianxian, with a fetter in the heart, forgets the world with a startling glimpse and composes a fairy path that belongs to you.

[Pumped: God-given opportunity, this life has no regrets and meets the king]
Scattered around the world, just for the person you like. Four of them with different personalities are waiting for you to meet each other. They have independent emotional lines and jointly create unique and romantic emotional stories. Regardless of the past, I just want to snuggle together sweetly at this moment. Time goes up and down, we will meet you, and join hands in this life.

[Jin Yi Huafu: Fair and fit lady, bright makeup and beautiful dress win the spring]
The neon clothes feathers are changeable and immortal, and the silk and satin can be immortal and cute. Highly free and open decorating fairy, whether it is going out to travel in the mountains and water, or strolling in the garden with friends, you can change clothes as you like and become a wardrobe for walking in the fairy world.

[Elegant life: happy to be content, how happy life is since ancient times]
Rare and exotic animals, cute pets of demon spirits, collection of the essence of heaven and earth, loyal contract companion on the road of cultivation.
When there is a rare leisure time in the world, it is most suitable to plant flowers and grass to create an exclusive fairy garden full of exotic flowers and plants. When you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the world, this place will become a pure land for your soul. Life has been so happy since ancient times, with cute pets, drinking with friends, hanging in the sky, not envious of the world.

[Xianmeng Xiu Dao: Intersect and Deed to Live for the Spring and Lives for the Lord]
The crowd looked for him thousands of times, but the man was in the dimly lit place. The journey of immortality is long, making alliances with like-minded friends, relying on blessings and misfortunes, Qi Mi hits a good relationship, unlocking the first chapter of fate; breaking the mirror into a fairy, refining and transforming the gods, recording every bit of the road to immortality.

※Part of the content of this software involves fantasy violence and dating and making friends, and is classified as supplementary 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.
※This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing.

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